What's in My Camera Bag?

Russel Kwan

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I'm not totally sure why, but people are often very curious as to what's in my camera bag. Perhaps it's because I don't use zoom lenses, or I don't shoot very much, or I claim to be a lightweight traveller.

Anyways, here's a quick tour of the two bags I take travelling. I've been travelling with this kit for the past year, and for this article, I simply pulled them out of their drawer and photographed them - without tidying them or anything - so the mess is authentic.

When I travel overseas, the kit shrinks down to just the medium format bag - last used in Japan and SE Asia in 2004. The kit further shrinks at the destination, as much of the time I leave at least one of the Mamiya bodies in the hotel to save hiking weight. I usually have a Manfrotto Carbon 440 (not shown) with me as well.

Medium Format Bag

Large Format Bag



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