Roadtrip 2017 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Yachats - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 9 - Lava Island Falls

At first, we thought this is Lava River Falls. After all, there's an island and a falls. Turns out that's not the island, and that fall is actually a barrage built for a canal for irrigation that runs in that giant pipe we discovered on Day 4.

Down there is Lava Island Falls.

A quiet section of the Deschutes.

The Ponderosa Path.

More of that Zen like feel - the riverside diversity is astonishing.

Emma's garcon keeps on smiling - even through today's rainshowers. The most persistent rain day on the trip so far.

These red stem bushes are outstanding - still trying to make a photo that really shows their splendid colour.

Today's mystery poo. Emma is bemused - this looks just like one of them coil style garlic sausages except it doesn't smell right.

The art on the wall at Lone Pine Coffee. Absolutely refined from concept through to these incredible pigment prints on hand made paper. The photographer is Bend local Breezy Winters. So well done.

It's our last night in Bend for this trip - so of course we must visit the exquisite Ariana for dinner.

We order all the appies on the menu - plus an inventive salad course - and finish it off with a chocolate souffle cake with "cracker jacks" and home made ice cream. We did keep the staff up a little later than they likely expected for a Tuesday night. Thanks Ariana - it was another memorable night.








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