Road Trip 2007 - The Drive Across America

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26 October 2007

California 1

That's Bigfoot on the right. It's necessarily blurry. All pictures of Bigfoot are.

Bigfoot need big trees - Redwoods...

Midwa to ...

An old tradition started in Turkey in 1992 - photo pilic. You will need to ask a Turk about this one...

fall colour in wine country

harvest complete

OK, a bit of a stretch, not THAT close to the Redwoods

Rodeo on and don't forget your shovel!!

Confusion Hill. It's actually much less confusing when not blurry.

Paul and Babe, looks like they've had a fresh coat of paint - northern Cal icons

The Golden Bear Asses marking the ceremony of the crossing from California to Oregon...

The celebration of chainsaw carvings - an old Oregon welcome...

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