Road Trip 2007 - The Drive Across America

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4 September 2007

The usual forest fires are burning all around Boise - the smoke seeds the clouds...

The burnt hills of southern Idaho, storm clouds starting to loom...

Five minutes after I shot this slightly irreverent picture of Temple Square, the nexus of the Church of Latter Day Saints, our beautiful day ended in an amazingly frightening duststorm with high winds, punctuated by lightning and heavy rain. I remain chastised.

"Mollies" just over the Idaho/Utah state line in Snowville

Salt Lake City art gallery/convention centre interface - just before the storm

Salt Lake City - "fly me to the moon"

Overall it was quite a day!! Heat, cold, humidity, smoke from fires, lightning, torrrential rain, wind and dust storms in downtown Salt Lake City. Literally the big evening storm blew up in less than a minute. We went from checking out restaurants with outdoor seating to running down the street to the truck, taking needed refuge in a few doorways along the way. Just crazy!

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