Road Trip 2007 - The Drive Across America

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5 September 2007

We bailed out of Salt Lake City - abandoning my original plan to visit Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty" - due to a huge convention crowd and horrendous traffic jams due to construction on the Interstates. Onward to Moab - we stopped in the little town of Price, not 10 km from the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster, and spoke with the locals in the coffeeshop. They are unbelieveably strong - puts our own little setbacks into some perspective when one sees the mines, and realizes the danger.

On the little setback thread, our restaurant sniffing skills got smoked tonight, as we had perhaps the biggest fine-dining disaster ever. Ask me about it sometime....

God bless the miners and their families - Crandall Canyon, Utah.

Approach to Moab

The Gonzo Inn, Moab - gotta love this.

Another day of wild weather on the road - but nothing like last night!!

ode to Steiglitz - or perhaps the stay puft marshmallow man

melons definitely "in season" in Green River Utah

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