Road Trip 2007 - The Drive Across America

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9 September 2007

Clines Corners, New Mexico

Ghost Motel - this one had an eerie feel about it - maybe as it's exactly the kind of place our parents would have chosen to stay at when we were kids. Food for thought on how quickly things change.

It took me a while to get up the gumption to enter a motel room - this little digi pic was taken outside the door. About a half hour later I came back with the film camera and tripod and was able to step inside and make some more photos.

I think the photo says it all.

Yeah really, it used to be a theatre. Brand new digs for the UFO museum are in the works. Maybe the theatre will live again!

Central Roswell is full of this stuff - the outskirts are the standard malls and chain hotels and eateries. With venues like this we thought we were doomed for dining - but had a surprisingly amazing dinner at the Pasta Cafe.

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