Road Trip 2007 - The Drive Across America

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13 September 2007

Hurricane Humberto makes landfall just 50 km north of this tree. The 60 mph winds at our location turns the rain falling at 3 inches per hour into a warm firehose. The house on stilts (see Sep12) shakes like Elvis on speed. Wendy made it onto US network TV (ABC) with her tales of herioc survival in our beach hut with just some nice chardonnay and a little panko-crusted striped bass.

we attempt to escape Galviston by ferry after the storm

attempt fails, back on the ferry we return to Galviston as the road is closed due to downed power lines

Crossing the Port of Houston

World Famous Dow Chemical

near Baton Rouge we catch up to the trailing edge of Humberto

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