Road Trip 2008 - The Kootenays, Idaho and Oregon...

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20 September 2008

Feels like the start of one of them Twin Peaks days...

The original 0verpass to Nowhere, Nohow. It's in Idaho.

This town looks better with the windshield wipers off. I can almost make out the letters "Espresso".

Dratt!! Not espresso again!!

sometimes my back feels like this

OK T93SR5 cleared for takeoff on runway MT - ID

The lazy trailer graveyard. Bad trailer.

Dark squall, potato field. Or as Dan Quayle would spell it, "potatoe".

Giant wheeled species of praying mantis hunting tourists in Idaho. Deep Woods Off doesn't work on these critters at all.

the end of the line - or what Wendy and Emma do while Russ is in the grocery store - and before yet another rain storm

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