Road Trip 2008 - The Kootenays, Idaho and Oregon...

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The Foodie Section

Our friends know we are inveterate foodies, and we are very good at sniffing out good places to eat. Of course, it's easy to spend money to get a good meal - our trick is to get a great meal for a reasonable (if not cheap) price. Here's our official "finds" of this trip. Of course, most of these restaurants are in out of the way places, but the food is very, very good - worth a special trip out to try...
Coeur d'Alene - "Brix" - 317 Sherman Ave. Mmmmmmmmm... best crabcakes of this trip. And that winebar.
Idaho Falls - "Collage" - 445 A Street. Bison tenderloin. Perfectly cooked.
Bend - "Merenda" - 900 NW Wall Street. Winebar, complete with an excellent sommelier. Small, asian influenced plates.
Yachats - "River House" - 131 Highway 101 North. Oh, that Ika dish. Had two of 'em.
Cannon Beach - "Newman's at 988" - 988 Hemlock Street. We ordered one of every appetizer on the menu. The lobster ravioli rules.
Astoria - "Astoria Coffee" - 304 37th Street. ok, ok, it's not a restaurant. But... they have the most incredible array of house-roasted coffee and house-blended tea in the observable universe. Make sure to ask for the "weirdest coffee" in the shop - they have never disappointed.

The Inane Pictures

Here we go again! More illogical holiday snaps from the road.... These irreverent and prehaps irrelevant pictures were shot, often from a moving car, with our venerable, and not very capable Nikon Coolpix 5600 - a point and shoot we barely know how to point and shoot. Our pictures are offloaded from the camera, and sprayed up to our website without any processing at all - just downsizing for the WWW.

Sep 8 - Vancouver to Osoyoos

Sep 9 - Osoyoos to Nelson

Sep 10 - Nelson

Sep 11 - Sandon

Sep 12 - Nelson

Sep 13 - Kaslo

Sep 14 - Kootenay Bay and Creston

Sep 15 - Ymir

Sep 16 - Nelson to Coeur d'Alene

Sep 17 - Coeur d'Alene to Helena

Sep 18 - Helena to Butte to Dillon

Sep 19 - Bannack

Sep 20 - Dillon to Victor

Sep 21 - Grand Teton National Park

Sep 22 - The Teton Valley

Sep 23 - Grand Teton National Park

Sep 24 - Swan Valley to Star Valley to Snake River Canyon to Mormon Row

Sep 25 - Grand Teton National Park

Sep 26 - Teton Backroads

Sep 27 - Victor to Idaho Falls

Sep 28 - Idaho Falls to Stanley

Sep 29 - Bonanza and Custer

Sep 30 - Challis

Oct 1 - Ketchum and Redfish Lake

Oct 2 - Grandjean, Warm Springs and Stanley Lake

Oct 3 - In The Sawtooth Valley

Oct 4 - Stanley

Oct 5- Stanley to Boise

Oct 6 - Boise to Bend

Oct 7 - Cricketwood, Bend

Oct 8 - Bend to Yachats

Oct 9 - Newport

Oct 10 - Oregon Coast: Yachats to Florence

Oct 11 - Oregon Coast

Oct 12 - More Oregon Coast

Oct 13 - Even More Oregon Coast

Oct 14 - Newport Ships' Graveyard

Oct 15 - Yachats to Cannon Beach

Oct 16 - Astoria

Oct 17 - Cannon Beach to Langley, Whidbey Island

Oct 18 - Langley, Whidbey Island

Oct 19 - Whidbey Island to Vancouver


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