pippa's rake
Russel Kwan
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 9

I've started to expand the scope of photographing the path of the sun beyond my backyard. Pippa (her name is Philipa - when she was a baby, she renamed herself Pippa) and her parents' (Nancy and Ivan) yard was one of my first forays.

That's Pippa's plastic rake leaning up against the little apple tree. Nancy was careful to explain to Pippa that the camera couldn't be disturbed for the whole day, but neglected to mention the rake shouldn't be moved, either. Pippa moved the rake. A little bit. It's very hard to see in this scan, but the original print has a ghostly secondary image of the rake - the hand of Pippa at work.

4x5 inch large format negative, Drãnoflex pinhole camera, 8 hour exposure.

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Series Keywords: ultra long film based exposures of the sun crossing the sky, sun arcs, experimental film chemistry

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