Capture Photo Festival at Elissa Cristall Gallery, Oct-Nov 2013

Capture 2013 is Vancouver's very first photography festival, and we are delighted to be a part of it. Elissa asked us to show selections from Wendy's "we are small" and Russ' "apollo's commute" collections. Our thanks to Elissa for the opportunity, and all of her hard work selecting, hanging and promoting this show.

Elissa Cristall Gallery, 2239 Granville Street, Vancouver

There's five pictures selected from Russ' "apollo's commute" in the foreground.

And five pictures selected from Wendy's "we are small".

"our" wall - that's Elissa standling next to the chair.

"apollo's commute"

"we are small"

"we are small"

Elissa (right) having a laugh with Dale (left) and Wendy (centre).





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