give a little bit - a benefit for Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Visual Space Gallery, Vancouver
October 2013

Title wall for "give a little bit" - our benefit exhibition for Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary.
We exhibited original silver-gelatin prints, and launched our book, "give a little bit".
The book contains all 20 of the exhibition photographs, plus another 20.
The prints, and the rights to our book have been donated to Greyhavem for their exclusive use.
To order the book, or purchase prints, please contact Greyhaven directly through the link above.

prints on the title wall.

View to the back of Visual Space Gallery.

Rear wall and wall opposite the title wall.

Rear wall.

Opposite the title wall. The gallery entrance is to the left.

Opposite the title wall.

The little table with our brag book and card for our current show at Elissa Cristall Gallery.

Jenny's parking spot - she brought Ariel the Macaw to meet our guests.

Artist Statement.

Our fabulous sponsors.





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