Space+Time at VISUALSPACE Gallery
Aug - Sep 2015

Click here for pictures of opening day.

Space + Time title wall - thanks Nancy and Maya for the amazing flowers!

Installation day, carefully supervised by Emma Brown Sock, publisher.

Installation is proceeding, with ample visits to the Dairy Queen next door. Emma got bored with us at one point and went one door over to join the kids at the 4Cats Art Studio - they were doing much more interesting things.

Space + Time is ready to open! There are 39 framed silver gelatin prints in this show - Wendy's wall is to the left (Space) and Russ' wall is to the right (Time).

Turns out it was a great idea to situate 2 chairs by our book table. At the opening folks actually sat right down to carefully inspect the books and booklets. Russ did the design work for the Space Time title.

Wendy's new book, "We Are Small" and Russ' new book, "Timeless". Wendy also had the terrific idea to create little booklets, "Off The Wall", containing 46 pictures from each collection that didn't get gallery wall space. There are actually hundreds of pictures in these collections, so this gives us a little more representative set.

The "Wendy Wall" in full splendor.

The middle of Wendy's Wall.

Wendy's Wall

Wendy's Wall

The prominent cloud form in "we find our way" marks the start of Wendy's hanging sequence.

American Beach - Canadian Beach - side by each.

Russ' tasting notes and artist statement.

Russ' wall

Russ' wall

Russ' wall

The chronoplasticity diptych. There are two other pictures in this increasingly misnamed diptych.

The secret lower gallery, where we decided to hang just a few older works. Wendy's selections are from the "Just Another Day on the Beach" collection - where the "little people" first began their emergence.

Two pictures from Russ' "Letters From Deyrolle" collection.

A second look at the lower gallery.

View from the inside out.

Night falls at VISUALSPACE Gallery.







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