News - April 2009

Next Exhibition:
"Luminatii: illuminating the boundaries of fine art photography"
a group celebrating the diversity of the photographic medium
Open 2 Weekends: Sat & Sun 2-3 & 9-10 May, Fri Eve 8 May
Main Artery Gallery, 218 East 28th Ave (at Main), Vancouver BC

Russ and Wendy Artist Talks
Sunday May 10, 2009 at 3pm
Wendy: Exploring the Abstract
Russ: Experimental Photography

Click here to see
Russ and Brian talk about Luminatii
on the Global TV Morning News
20 April 2009

Drãnoflex's debut on Vancouver's Global TV Morning News, 20 April 2009. The negative was printed on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, 26 April 2009. I made this picture live-to-air (how's that for pressure?) with co-anchors Lynn Colliar and Steve Darling, about a 1 minute exposure. I didn't have, or have time for a light meter. Click here for more on Drãnoflex.


See us on the cover and
in the current issue of "Spiritus",
a journal of theology, published by
The Johns Hopkins University Press



Next Speaking Engagements
14 April 2009: Royal City Photography Club
7 May 2009: Crescent Beach Photography Club

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