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Workshops for Photography Clubs

Photography Clubs in the Vancouver, BC area have been engaging us to lead workshops since 2009, including the APAC 2010 seminar. We've been asked to speak on a wide range of topics, recently including "A New Framework for Assessing and Judging Club Photography", "Developing Visual Language", "Working in Black and White" and our new "Thinking Visually" series.

Workshops run two to seven hours.

We are happy to tailor our workshops to each clubs' needs - just contact us to start the conversation!

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The Crescent Beach Photo Club recently enjoyed a two part seminar with Russ and Wendy. We left it completely up to them to come up with the subject matter and were treated to an enjoyable, creative, thought-provoking couple of sessions in which we both learned more about photography from a historical and theoretical perspective, and spent time discussing and analyzing our own work. Our members have a wide range of photographic skills, and Russ and Wendy delivered a seminar that was interesting, informative, and useful to all of us. Russ and Wendy have an infectious enthusiasm and their knowledge and passion for their craft are inspiring; I hope they are able to come back soon!

Deb Reny 2012
Outings Co-Chair, Crescent Beach Photography Club


Your 2 part lecture and discussion class at the North Shore Photographic Society meetings brought a whole new dimension to how to think about our photography.

The exercises were fun and the thoughts of various people brought out many ideas to consider.

Both of you helped us think through our discussions and open new avenues to explore.

On behalf of the members of the North Shore Photographic Society, I would like to extend our thanks for all the fun, vibrancy, and learning you brought to our members.

Sheila Dallimore 2011
Program Director, North Shore Photographic Society

Private Photography Lessons

We are happy to share our knowledge of traditional and digital black and white processes, experimental photography techniques, print evaluation, book creation and pretty much anything else we know with individuals or small groups. In particular, we have been able to help many students in the development of their personal black and white photography skills - from camera to darkroom (or computer) to print. We are constantly experimenting with our medium, and can offer advanced guidance to advanced students. We KEEP NO TRADE SECRETS (other than a few supersecret patent-pending personal chemical formulations), so just ask!

Lately, our consultations have taken the form of personal coaching, an approach that seems to work for many advanced students. Students simply call us when they need us - a one-hour meeting often results in enough momentum to last at least a few weeks - maybe months.

We have helped individuals curate work for exhibition, prepare portfolios and artist statements for gallery reviews, prepare photographs for international competitions and provide a critical eye for emerging bodies of work. Some of our students have, in a relatively short time, had their work exhibited in commercial galleries.

In addition to these private sessions, we have talks and exercises intended for small groups to expand and hone photographic skills, and to prepare students for the world of commercial galleries and publication.

We are time and location flexible, and can easily tailor workshops for individual and group needs.

We like to start a new relationship with a free initial meeting where we can all determine if there is a good fit. Just contact us!

Please see our Resources section for some examples of our personal techniques and our experimental photography.

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Private sessions with Wendy and Russ: $75 per hour.

Group sessions with Wendy and Russ: $100 per hour.