We always try to emphasize with our students the need to have fun and constantly experiment. These pages are devoted to the chronicle of our own fun experiments with photography and photographic processes. Since we work exclusively with film and wet processes, there seems boundless opportunity to create and innovate - from camera to darkroom to print. There are many other examples of experiments chronicled in our artists' statements and elsewhere on this website - please have a look around! Keep having fun!

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Glossary of Cameras, Darkroom Gear, Photographic Terms
Silver Gelatin Prints - Properties of these special prints
Blurt - Random Thoughts
Roadtrips - Dailies from the Road, Journal, Diary
Tour Russ and Wendy's Photographic Facilities
Events - Exhibition and Event Pictures and Articles
Specialized Techniques for Analogue Black and White Photography
Forum: ask us!  we'll do our best to answer any questions.



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