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Specialized Photography Techniques

Click here for Russel Kwan and Wendy Kwan Black and White Fine Art Photography Home Page.

Ultra Long Exposures on Film - wide open, without neutral density filters on HP5 (or any black and white film)

Slit-Scan Modified Holga - instructions to make and use a slit scan camera from a Holga toy camera.

Drãnoflex - step-by-step instructions to make a really cool and nearly indestructible 4x5 pinhole camera.

Chromakinesia - an experimental edge-depleted, silver redeposited, developer drip-painted, solarized and dual split-toned printing process.

Digital Printing Masks - Using Photoshop to create dodge, burn, unsharp and local contrast control masks for darkroom printing.

Hyper Macro - experimental extreme macro large format photography.

The Doubles - Wendy's double-exposure printing technique

How to Handle 4x5 Sheet Film - companion article to the Drãnoflex article above - how to handle 4x5 sheet film.