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Sonoma Coast Grey
Russel Kwan
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 9

No roadtrip to California is complete without a sighting of some kind of extraterrestrial. The most common ET lifeform is the "grey". This one is particularly unhappy because its travelling companion is taking far too long in the outhouse.

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Series Keywords: Roadtrips in North America, Canada and the United States; The Pacific Northwest; The Desert SouthWest; The Gulf Coast; The Southeast and Atlantic; The Great Plains; Landscapes and the Urban Landscape.

General Keywords: quiet, calm, peaceful, silent, gentle, placid, secret, serene, tranquil, sublime, evocative, elegant, simplicity, inspire, subtle, haunting, contemplative, exquisite traditional film darkroom black and white photography, print, licensing, license, for sale, order, work on paper, dual toned, selenium, sulphide, sulfide, sepia, archival, Ilford, Kodak