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Art Beat on the Rock Review of Chasing Light Stranger in the Gulf Islands Driftwood, 15 November 2006


Chasing Light Stranger...featuring the work of Wendy Kwan and Russell (sic) Kwan, dispels any notion that photography is somehow painting's younger and somehow less viable sibling.


Chasing Light Stranger Exhibition, Gulf Islands Driftwood, 8 November 2006


Galleons Lap photo gallery presents its final show of 2006 with an exhibit of photographs by the husband and wife team of Wendy and Russ Kwan.

Gallery co-owner Seth Berkowitz described them as "a couple with a clear eye for the patterns and details of the landscape that surround us; who travel extensively to find locations that suit their vision; and who border on the obsessive with their attention to the details and meticulousness of fine art printing."


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Troy University, Alabama, installation pictures


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