Workshops for Photography Clubs and Groups

We have worked extensively with photography clubs in the Lower Mainland since 2009, speaking on a wide range of topics from B&W to Impressionism to Surrealism to Abstract Photography to Visual Tension to Creative Thinking. 

Starting in 2019, we are happy to include materials from our discontinued Atelier classes – of course, the experience can't be quite the same, but the information is. 

We like to tailor workshops to clubs' immediate needs and desires, so the best way to start is to contact us!

Private Photography Lessons

We are happy to share our knowledge of traditional and digital black and white processes, experimental photography techniques, print evaluation, book creation and pretty much anything else we know with individuals or small groups. In particular, we have been able to help many students in the development of their personal black and white photography skills - from camera to darkroom (or computer) to print. We are constantly experimenting with our medium, and can offer advanced guidance to advanced students.

Most consultations have taken the form of personal coaching, an approach that seems to work for many students. Students simply call us when they need us - a one-hour meeting often results in enough momentum to last at least a few weeks - maybe months.

We have helped individuals curate work for exhibition, prepare portfolios and artist statements for gallery reviews, prepare photographs for international competitions and provide a critical eye for emerging bodies of work. Some of our students have, in a relatively short time, had their work exhibited in commercial galleries.

In addition to private sessions, we have talks and exercises intended for small groups to expand and hone photographic skills, and to prepare students for the world of commercial galleries and publication.

We are time and location flexible, and can easily tailor workshops for individual and group needs.
We like to start a new relationship with a free initial meeting where we can all determine if there is a good fit.   

The best way to start is to contact us!

Please see our Resources section for some examples of our personal techniques and our experimental photography.


Private sessions with Wendy and Russ: $75 per hour.
Group sessions with Wendy and Russ: $150 per hour.


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