Road Trip 2014 Spring Break - Yakima WA, Bend OR, Newport OR, Cannon Beach OR

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Spring Break! Get over the Cascades and hang out at Northtown Coffee in Yakima. Cross the Columbia and find some sunshine in Bend. Raid Cinder Butte Meats. Hang out at Strictly Organic Coffee. Pop back to the coast so Emma Brown Sock can have some beach time in Newport. Pillage Local Ocean. Pass through Cannon Beach to visit John Newman. Get into and out of whatever scrapes come our way.

Day 1 - Vancouver to Yakima

Day 2 - Yakima to Bend

Day 3 - Tumalo Falls

Day 4 - Smith Rock

Day 5 - Lava Tubes

Day 6 - Prineville Reservoir

Day 7 - Crooked River Canyon

Day 8 - Bend

Day 9 - Bend to Newport

Day 10 - Waldport, Seal Rock

Day 11 - Newport and Toledo

Day 12 - Cape Perpetua, Beachside Wayside

Day 13 - Fogerty Beach, Agate Beach, Nye Beach

Day 14 - Newport

Day 15 - Newport

Day 16 - Newport to Cannon Beach

Day 17 - Cannon Beach to Vancouver





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