Road Trip 2011 - Traversing Washington and Idaho, the red rock canyons of Moab, the high desert of Flagstaff, original Route 66, traversing the Mojave and California, Guerneville wine, food and coast, the Bandon coast.

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It's been a while since we've been out to the southwest deserts. This meandering trip takes us to the red rock canyon country surrounding Moab Utah, then onto the high desert surrounding Flagstaff Arizona. As always, we have no expectations - we will find what we will find. Our onward path will take us down the historic old Route 66, through little Seligman Arizona (where we holed up for a night almost 2 decades ago), and onto Kingman Arizona. We will cross the Mojave desert on our way to Barstow California, then spend a couple of days in the Paso Robles wine district, and up to Silicon Valley at Los Gatos. We will spend time again in Guerneville on the Russian River, soaking up more food and wine, and poking around the coast and the redwoods. We turn for home up the California coast, passing through Eureka and spending some time in Bandon Oregon for our annual fall beach break. We'll take a last stop for Newman's (what else?) in Cannon Beach and a dose of Astoria Coffee before finally heading home.

Our dailies are shot on Canon compacts - a G10 for Russ and a G11 for Wendy. The pictures are jpegs straight off the cameras - other than downsizing, there is no computer manipulation at all - there really isn't time for Photoshop while we're having fun.

By early 2012, we should have black and white work on our website's "photographs" page. The black and whites are exclusively shot on film, printed in our darkroom and scanned. Russ uses Ilford HP5 and Kodak HIE in 6x7cm, 24x70mm and 4x5 formats. Wendy uses Ilford Delta 400 and SFx in 6x6cm format, and Kodak HIE in 35mm format. Russ is working with Mamiya RZ67 and 7II, Fotoman PS45 with a superwide 47mm lens, and Linhof Technika V. Wendy is working with Canon F-1, Holga and Mamiya C330F. Check out our glossary page for more information on this gear.

Day 1 - Vancouver to Yakima

Day 2 - Yakima to Boise

Day 3 - Boise to Park City

Day 4 - Park City and Environs

Day 5 - Park City to Moab

Day 6 - Moab

Day 7 - Dead Horse Point and Island in the Sky

Day 8 - Canyonlands, Needles area

Day 9 - Moonflower Canyon, Arches National Park, the road to Potash

Day 10 - Canyonlands Recreation Area - Our new 4Runner's 4WD Christening

Day 11 - Moab, Colorado Gorge, Cisco, Castle Valley

Day 12 - Moab 4WD

Day 13 - Lunch by the Colorado, Thompson Junction, Sego, Thunderstorms

Day 14 - LaSal Loop Road, the Ranch

Day 15 - Moab to Flagstaff

Day 16 - Flagstaff and Mormon Lake

Day 17 - Wupatki, Sunset Crater, Bonito, Flagstaff

Day 18 - Cottonwood, Jerome, Sedona

Day 19 - The Road to the Grand Canyon

Day 20 - Ash Fork, Granite Basin

Day 21 - Strawberry Crater, Bonito Meadows Redux

Day 22 - Original Route 66 from Flagstaff to Kingman

Day 23 - Crossing the Mojave, Kingman to Barstow

Day 24 - Travellin' to the blessed land: Barstow to Paso Robles

Day 25 - Escaping the heat - on California One

Day 26 - On the trail to Silicon Valley: Paso Robles to Los Gatos

Day 27 - Crossin' the peninsula: Los Gatos to Guerneville

Day 28 - Sonoma Coast

Day 29 - Lunch at Goat Rock, the Sonoma Heads and Bodega Bay

Day 30 - Here's That Rainy Day in the Russian River Valley

Day 31 - Portuguese Beach, Dillon Beach

Day 32 - Monte Rio, Blind Beach, Guerneville

Day 33 - Schoolhouse Beach, Bodega Head

Day 34 - Guerneville to Eureka

Day 35 - Eureka to Bandon

Day 36 - Bandon, Finding New River

Day 37 - Bandon and the South Slough Interpretive Center Trails

Day 38 - Lake Flora, Cape Blanco and the insanity on Bandon Beach at sunset

Day 39 - China Creek, Devil's Kitchen and Our Hut on the Beach

Day 40 - Oregon Dunes

Day 41 - Bandon, Coquille Lighthouse, Seven Devils Beach

Day 42 - Bandon to Cannon Beach

Day 43 - Ephemeron Beach, Peter Iredale, Seaside

Day 44 - Cannon Beach to Vancouver


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